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  • Comprehensive report outlining all the relevant Illinois state and federal case law on car searches
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  • I took all the relevant cases on car searches and synthesized them down into one digestible resource, I threw out the legalese and use plain language to tell you what you need to know
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What You Get: (4 Volumes) 

  • Volume 1 (Part I) - Gant Was Bad, How To Find The Good News In Gant 
  • Volume 1 (Part 2) - A Traffic Stop Bonus On Good Stops & Bad Stops 
  • Volume 1 (Part 3) - What Every Traffic Stop Should Include 
  • Volume 2 (Part 4) - It's All About Probable Cause & The Automobile Exception 
  • Volume 3 (Part 5) - Everything You Need To Know About Inventory Search (Including How Police Screw Them Up)
  • Volume 3 (Part 6) - Stupid Little VIN Searches
  • Volume 4 (Part 7) - How To Get A Consent Search 
  • Volume 4 (Part 8) - Emergency Search & Exigent Circumstances 

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