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Criminal Nuggets Podcast

"It’s awesome. In the sense know for us criminal lawyers, it’s not so much what the answer is, it’s what the issues are...It’s really invaluable to be able to share everything, and that’s basically what he’s doing for all of us, and what we’re all trying to do for each other.”

Francis Baumgart on the Criminal Nuggets

Francis Baumgart

CBA Criminal Committee

“Approximately 2 years ago I came across I found it to be so entertaining and interesting both at the same time...I strongly recommend it to Illinois criminal lawyers. The cost is minimal compared to the freedom that it could save a client.”

Steven Decker on the Criminal Nuggets

Steve Decker

Attorney Chicago

"I have recommended the podcasts to my close colleagues…I have been listening to Samuel and the Criminal Nuggets podcast for about a year now. I find it to be very informative and a real time saver. Very relevant information for a defense attorney… I can’t wait to have cost effective CLE that is actually relevant to Illinois attorneys and within my solo practice budget. I have recommended the podcasts to my close colleagues-friends."

Susan L Stambaugh on the Criminal Nuggets

Susan L. Stambaugh

Attorney Macomb County

"The Premium Nuggets keeps the current cases accessible and in the forefront of my mind. It’s been the easiest way I’ve found to stay current with the cases.”

Paul Meyers on Criminal Nuggets

Paul Meyers

Attorney Cook County

"It doesn’t become a chore, but a convenience...For me, the selling point was that it would be like advance sheets but I could recapture lost time while driving around in my car… It doesn’t become a chore, but a convenience. As I saw your posts scroll down my FB screen, I was literally thinking about having my iphone read me the case updates from the ISBA, even though it would be monotone and irritating. So this is better!”

Steven H Fagan on the Criminal Nuggets

Steven H. Fagan

Attorney Des Plaines

Criminal Law Podcaster Samuel Partida, Jr.

Samuel Partida, Jr. Attorney at Law 

Case Law Ninja Samuel Paritda, Jr.

Criminal Law Ninja (Here To Serve)

About the Author

Samuel Partida, Jr. is an Illinois criminal law author, blogger, podcaster, and CLE provider.

He may not take himself to seriously...but this criminal law podcaster takes the cases very seriously. 

Samuel Partida, Jr. founded with the singular mission of helping to keep his colleagues informed of the ever changing criminal law rules. An audio podcast seemed like the perfect way to do it.

Samuel has a knack for keeping the case law interesting, entertaining and even funny. 

There's no better way for an Illinois criminal law attorney to stay informed and in the loop.

When he is not reading and dissecting the case or preparing to record a podcast you may find Sam thinking of yet another excuse to not go jogging. 

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