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DUI Special Report Page 9

As Usual, DUI Case Law Is Popping & Hot. Here's Everything You Need To Know... 

  • Summarized specifically for officers and lawyers. Totally FREE for the men and women in the criminal law business.
  • How some quiet and unassuming changes in the civil rules are impacting your SSS hearings in unexpected ways. (Page 1)
  • A flurry of warrantless blood draw cases you absolutely have to know about. (Page 4)

How To Win A Recission Of Suspension In 2 Court Appearances.

  • Hint: You need an intransigent prosecutor. (Page 9)
  • How a civilian schooled the lawyers and the officers on a proper "anonymous" tip. We all can learn a thing or two from this Casey's gas attendant. (Page 14)
  • What happens when an officer performs a magic trick so well Houdini would be jealous. (This time it was a video that disappeared). (Page 5)
DUI Special Report Page 8
DUI Special Report Page 14

The Biggest Aquittals Of The Year, One Involved The Death Of A Firemen And Absolutely NO Alcohol

  • Driver did 4 years before he was released. (Page 10)
  • A gift from police to DUI drivers the state hates to talk about. Prosecutors hate to give it away but sometimes their hands are forced when police miss more than one court appearance. (Page 12).
  • Old school notions of probable cause for a DUI arrest get replaced with the "Eye-Nose-Mouth Plus Anything Else" Rule. (Page 15)
  •  AND a crap-ton more! 

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