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Are you tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? This book shows you how to get a handle on your litigation skills so you're not left behind. The best part is it doesn't take nearly as much time and energy as you think.

  • Not your typical boring legal book. I condensed 2 years of podcasting on the case law into valuable lessons for criminal law lawyers. 
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"It’s awesome. In the sense know for us criminal lawyers, it’s not so much what the answer is, it’s what the issues are...It’s really invaluable to be able to share everything, and that’s basically what he’s doing for all of us, and what we’re all trying to do for each other." 

Francis Baumgart, Chair of the CBA Crim Law Commitee 

“Approximately 2 years ago I came across I found it to be so entertaining and interesting both at the same time...I strongly recommend it to Illinois criminal lawyers. The cost is minimal compared to the freedom that it could save a client.”

Steve Decker, Illinois Criminal Law Attorney in Cook County